The quality platform for premium and luxury brands is an intelligent and collaborative platform for quality management of consumer goods.

Particularly adapted to the world of fashion and co-built with a community of users from luxury and premium brands, the solution perfects best practices in the business.

The platform is aimed at brands, manufacturers and control offices for effective and transparent collaboration in a global approach to progress.

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Plug & Play

Solution configuration and deployment possible in one day.

For small, medium and large business

Return on investment from 100 orders placed per year with your suppliers.


Product reference, default, season… fully configurable.

Technology at the service of quality assurance

For the sharing and progress of the supply chain

QMS in SAAS mode

Quality management system

A single dashboard for all your production and quality & compliance operations carried out on the supply chain.


internal team & quality partners

Easy management of audits

Tools for collaboration, data sharing and entry of audit reports to effectively carry out your quality & compliance operations in your company and those of your partners.

Traceability & compliance

The network of quality professionals

The network of your partners for sharing benchmarks and monitoring the progress of CSR compliance.


data-driven quality

Real time result

The collection of quality & compliance data in real time on the entire supply chain for more agility in the selection of manufacturers and responsiveness in decision-making.

Dynamic control plan

Risk management

KPIs available in real time on the performance of manufacturers to establish an accurate mapping and prediction of risks in production using artificial intelligence.


Transparency for trust

Continuous improvement

Inspection tools for manufacturers and the sharing of corrective action plans for the progress of the supply chain.