A dynamic company whose team is passionate about a common goal: the innovation of the quality process of the value chain of softline and hardline products.


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About Qbook.io


A software publisher and more

Qbook.io, a subsidiary of the Qualith group, is a French technological start-up, publisher of software « facilitator and federator » such as our platform of the same name dedicated to the quality process of consumer goods (softline and hardline).

Qbook.io is also and above all women and men, present at the heart of the value chain to organize, optimize and develop the quality process towards more functionalities and autonomy.


QBOOK, what does that mean?

Q = Quality. Main objective of the platform which develops its services around production quality, factory compliance auditing and product laboratory testing.

Book. The platform facilitates collaboration between professionals in the sector and the realization of planned services.

The power of an international organization

Our head office, in France, includes the management, sales, marketing and operations teams.

Our developers are located in France and Tunisia.

Our pre-sales and after-sales supports are in France, Tunisia and China to be as close as possible to our customers, suppliers and freelancers.


Our values

HUMAN: In a constantly evolving technological environment, humans retain their place in trust and respect.

SUSTAINABILITY: Listening and sharing allow us to adapt our tools and make them evolve. Guaranteed productivity gains and long-term relationships.

INNOVATION: Our ambition is to develop a minimum technological tool per year to always improve technically the quality processes of our platform.

AGILITY: We develop our projects according to the agile SCRUM method. Therefore, our development cycles are short and fully meet expectations.


Qbook.io is part of the French Tech ecosystem whose mission is to make France one of the most attractive countries in the world in terms of technology. It is also a real brand used by innovative French companies like Qbook.io.