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Batch inspection are conducted by quality controler in supplier place or in a wharehouse


BY Agnès - Marketing / ON Dec 05, 2023

Batch inspection

Quality control is an essential component of production management aimed at ensuring product compliance with established standards and specifications.

Two common approaches to performing quality control are batch inspection and piece inspection. You will find here our article on piece inspection.


Batch quality control is a method in which a sample of products is taken from a production run from a batch. Samples are inspected according to predefined criteria, and the decision on batch quality is based on the results of this inspection. This method makes it possible to assess the overall quality of a batch without having to inspect each part individually. Depending on the size of the sample, the control is more or less representative. makes your daily life easier allows you to create batch or piece inspection reports and is therefore aimed at users carrying out inspections on large or small quantities. Our objective is to facilitate the management of inspections for quality managers and to adapt to the constraints of their profession.

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