MES (Manufacturing Execution System)Blog is quality software of the MES family (Manufacturing Execution System).


BY Agnès - Marketing / ON Mar 04, 2023

MES software

MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software plays an essential role in optimizing industrial production processes.

These computer systems make it possible to supervise, coordinate and control all manufacturing operations within a company.


  • Data acquisition
  • Scheduling
  • Staff management
  • Resource management
  • Routing of products and batches
  • Product traceability and genealogy
  • Quality control
  • Process management
  • Performance analysis
  • Document management
  • Maintenance management

Quality specific features

  • Real-Time Quality Control

    • Monitor critical parameters: MES software collects and analyzes production-related data in real time, allowing continuous monitoring of essential parameters to ensure product quality.

    • Alerts and Notifications: Instant detection of deviations from quality standards triggers alerts, enabling rapid intervention to correct potential issues.

  • Full traceability

    • Materials tracking: MES software offers exhaustive traceability, making it possible to trace the origin of raw materials used in the production process.

    • Batch Identification: The ability to track each production batch makes it easier to locate potential defects and simplifies product recalls, if necessary.

  • Management of Non-conformities

    • Incident recording: MES software allows non-compliance incidents to be recorded and documented, facilitating post-incident analysis and the implementation of corrective measures.

    • Trend analysis: By analyzing non-conformance data over time, companies can identify trends and take preventative measures to improve quality. makes your daily life easier is a collaborative and intelligent quality platform for brands, distributors, inspection bodies, laboratories, and manufacturers.

The functionalities offered are the monitoring and improvement of the quality and conformity of productions in real time.

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