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BY Alexis STRIPPE - President / ON Sep 23, 2020

Quality, an essential issue

The quality of a product is essential to the success of its commercialization. Therefore, brands do not hesitate to invest to set up quality controls from the choice of materials to finishes, while ensuring compliance with ethical and CSR standards.

For example, in the case of textile products, the quality of the goods is linked to its components, in particular the materials and of course the chosen manufacturing method.

The Quality Manager of these brands therefore sets up quality control points throughout the product manufacturing chain, which involves strong organization and a lot of time.

It is possible to involve internal Quality Inspectors who he is sent to factories or suppliers’ in the production chain. But often, he calls on service companies to carry out these checks.

COVID-19: questioning the quality process

The COVID-19 health crisis has irreparably disrupted the quality process throughout the manufacturing chain.

Asia was particularly affected, from the start, due to the drastic confinement which necessitated the temporary closure or reduction of the activities of many companies, in particular manufacturing plants. As a result, some suppliers have been tempted to prioritize production times to the detriment of product quality.

But in such a international context, how to guarantee the quality at each stage of product manufacturing? How to get the products checked if, usually, internal Inspectors Quality are sent to suppliers’ around the world? How not to increase the cost of the quality budget? How, despite everything, to remain productive? And finally, how to properly monitor the quality controls of all orders, without sacrificing any, in real time?

The platform takes up the challenge of quality in the health context of COVID-19

If you are reading this article, you are involved in managing the quality of products in your business. You will quickly understand the added value of the platform.

What if we told you that you could organize and control the quality at every step of the production chain from your office?

Imagine a tool which, after opening a project or an order, lists everything you have to do in the quality process…
Imagine inviting all the suppliers on a single platform…
Imagine that you could access to all the controls entered or imported by suppliers or service companies in real time…
Imagine that these suppliers, by practicing self-control and thus becoming autonomous, allow you to save the cost of several service companies to carry out quality controls …

Well, has done it by putting technology at the service of quality, collaboration, progress and autonomy. saves you time and money in the long run. Thanks to this tool, 100% of the goods are subjected to rigorous and in-depth controls to ensure the constant quality of the products.

Feedback from the pandemic

Companies that have already chosen to digitize their quality process within the platform and thus allow their quality suppliers to become more and more autonomous, adapt much more easily to the constraints of COVID-19 rather than to suffer them.

Indeed, with the platform helping them, they were able to continue to manage supplier risk through remote inspections and take the necessary precautions regarding the quality results obtained.

In an interdependent global economy, other viruses or threats are among the possible scenarios. The digitization of quality has now become an essential solution for any company wishing to safeguard and perpetuate its activities in the coming years.

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