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Qbook.io is a quality software for brands, inspection bodies, laboratories and suppliers.



BY Agnès - Marketing / ON Mar 01, 2024

Quality software for the jewelry industry

Quality management software specific to the client’s field of activity provides added value. In addition to adapted features, the software implements the best practices in the industry.

Features specific to the jewelry industry

  • Quality control of accessories, jewelry and packaging

The piece quality control reports are entered or imported into the Qbook.io platform to give the OK shipment and for statistical analysis of the results.

  • Monitoring of product life cycle and orders

Qbook.io allows you to follow the design, pre-series and mass production stages of jewelry.

Qbook.io makes your daily life easier

Qbook.io is a collaborative and intelligent quality platform for brands, distributors, inspection offices, laboratories, and manufacturers.

The functionalities offered are the monitoring and improvement of the quality and conformity of productions in real time.