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BY Guillaume - CTO / ON Jun 02, 2021

Release of the version 11

The tech team is delighted to announce the release of a new version online.

This version is intended for agents and suppliers to facilitate the organization of booking inspections with inspection bodies and laboratories.

How does an inspection booking work?

An inspection is a visual check of a finished or semi-finished product on the production line and generally at the end of production.

When an inspection is carried out by a third-party inspection body, in the majority of cases the manufacturer contacts this office to set an inspection date. This operation is done by telephone or email.

The chosen date corresponds to a stage of production on the one hand and the availability of a quality controller on the other hand. The date confirmed between the manufacturer and the inspection office may be subject to validation by the ordering party.

Once confirmed, subject to the vagaries of production, this date may be postponed. The inspection in certain cases may be canceled. makes your daily life easier

On, manufacturers can book an inspection with inspection offices. A workflow allows you to define the inspection date collaboratively.

In the event of a postponement or cancellation of the inspection date, all parties are immediately notified.

Using allows you to avoid sending emails and phone calls. We estimate the productivity gain for all teams on this operation to be 40%.

See you soon on!