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BY Guillaume - CTO / ON Dec 29, 2021

Release of the version 12

The tech team is delighted to announce the release of a new version online.

This version is intended for purchasers (brand, distributor, etc.) who carry out inspections upon receipt in their warehouse.

What is a warehouse inspection?

A visual inspection of the finished product can be carried out either in the factory before the goods leave or upon receipt in a warehouse.

When the ordering party practices warehouse control, inspections can be carried out by a team of internal quality controllers or that of a logistician.

The controls carried out are generally lighter in comparison to those carried out in the factory. makes your daily life easier equips quality controllers to facilitate the work of entering inspection reports.

The principal can then consolidate all of its data flows in real time for inspections carried out internally in the warehouse and externally by third-party inspection offices in the factories.

We estimate the overall productivity gain for all teams for this data collection operation to be 40%.

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