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BY Guillaume - CTO / ON Apr 13, 2022

Release of the version 13

The tech team is delighted to announce the release of a new version online.

This version is intended for agents, manufacturers and control offices to facilitate the collection of quality and compliance data.

The challenges of real-time data collection

“Quality” data concerns inspections carried out on the production site or upon receipt in the warehouse. In chronological order for each production, the controls generally carried out are: pre-production meeting, in-line inspection, self-inspection, final inspection.

“Compliance” data concerns inspections carried out in laboratories. For each production, physical and/or chemical tests are carried out on the product components.

The objective is twofold for purchasers: to ensure that the quality of the products is there and to comply with regulatory requirements with the archiving of compliance data. makes your daily life easier equips agents and manufacturers with tools allowing them to enter inspection reports. The manufacturer’s self-inspection can thus be valued in the statistical study of the data collected. offers gateways for inspection bodies and laboratories allowing them to push data without double entry.

With this new version, customers can collect all their quality and compliance data, whether produced internally or by third-party inspection bodies and laboratories or the manufacturers themselves.

Benefiting from real-time data makes it possible to generate KPIs in real time and finely and responsively manage the risk of non-quality in production.

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