Our solution

Qbook.io is a powerful digital platform with multiple advantages, developed to manage the quality control of softline and hardline consumer goods production.

The platform automates the entire quality process of the value chain and brings together, with the same objective of optimizing costs and increasing quality results, all the players in this chain who, by working together, also improve the entire system and its features.

QBook.io advantages

A single platform for all quality actors

Qbook.io for WHO and WHAT to do?

Brand and distributor

Organize your inspection plans on a single tool independent of your subcontractors.

Agent, supplier, factory

Participate in the self-monitoring programs of your principals with a view to continuous improvement. Benefit from tools and statistics to progress.

Laboratory and internal quality department

Manage your QC and QA teams in an international multi-site setup.

Unified technological tools

THE FEATURES of the platform


Whether you are an order giver, order taker, or a third-party testing and inspection company, invite the parties you work with to the platform.

Services booking

Request and follow the progress of your inspection, organizational audit and laboratory testing services.

Smart action plan

As a order giver, distribute your suppliers by risk and adapt your quality approach accordingly using AI.

Inspection planning

Manage the schedule of your inspectors, auditors and laboratory technicians.

Entering reports

Your inspectors fill the reports on the platform or the mobile application (tablet or smartphone).


Organize the self-inspection of your suppliers using tools allowing to collect their results in real time.

Advanced KPI

Benefit from KPIs on your supplier’s results and their ability to conduct self-assessments.


Our LMS (learning management service) allows you to provide your teams and suppliers with courses and assessment modules.

Workflow and customizable data

Each order giver configures the workflow of its services according to its organization. In the absence of specific data to your organization, these can be added.

Conditions of trust

THE ADVANTAGES of the platform

Optimization of the quality budget

The QBook platform reduces costs by automating the entire chain (fewer inspections because in “self-assessment” mode) via smart data. Thus, 100% of the orders can be checked.

Unique management tool

All the actors in the value chain, integrated on the platform, can follow the inspection requests assigned to each actor in the chain, which allows for anticipation, time savings and therefore productivity.

Tailor-made support

In order to make suppliers more and more autonomous in their own quality inspection, we have set up a training program based on customer specificities.

Increase in quality results

Thanks to its central position in the chain of value and the smart data, Qbook is able to gauge the stakeholders.

Fewer manual tasks

Thanks to our global and integrated approach, we can implement smart data. Since everything is dynamic, supplier management is done in real time, everything is automated.

Complementarity of inspections

Self-inspection carried out by suppliers are supervised and valued. Controls by inspection bodies or the order givers are no longer carried out systematically.

Real time information

Joint monitoring of the entire value chain makes it possible to identify alert points, such as delays, notified by the platform. This dynamic approach allows actors to react accordingly in order to meet deadlines.

Open platform

Qbook is a modern and scalable tool and wishes to remain in an open architecture allowing everyone to access, import and export data.

Connecting your quality system to Qbook

QBook.io is a real HUB with its API. You thus benefit from an information exchange network between the various stakeholders.