Our technology

We are committed to developing one technological brick per year in order to provide our users with advanced functionalities.

A single platform for all quality actors

Advanced technology for optimal service

Secure platform

Our platform has been developed to allow an increase in load and adapt to peaks of activity. The data is hosted in the cloud in Europe and remains the property of the user companies. Access is secure and data redundant in safe places. QBook.io is GDPR compliant.


WEB & Mobile application

The WEB platform allows administrative staff to connect from their workstation or tablet. An intuitive mobile application offers the flexibility to work in real time on the production site.

Artificial intelligence

The platform uses a set of algorithms to make everyday life easier for users and improve supplier risk management.



API & Webhook allow integration between third-party systems. The web services API is documented.


The order givers define their preferences in terms of data and workflow.